Today, I finally announced a project I’ve been working on. It is a service called “AlwaysOn SaveGames” that provide remote storage of save data similar to Valve’s SteamCloud but open to Flash developers. You can read the announcement for more details, or the about page for an overview of what I am trying to provide.

This post is about why I created the service.

Since my exit from making AAA titles with enormous budgets a couple of months ago, I’ve been looking deeper into the indie game scene and specifically the online Flash games space.

There are currently many choices for an indie developer. Each console has their own download service which is more friendly towards indie developers than the traditional publishing route. Those channels have become attractive to established studios as well, after all it is still just a traditional sale-based monetization channel.

I found online Flash games interesting because they are almost all ad supported. Here is a bad metaphor I came up with that illustrates the difference, online games are like TV shows, while traditional box-published games are like movies.

Because Flash games are smaller in scope, shorter to play and easier to pirate than boxed games, there are features that lots of game could use, but no developer would take time to create just for that one game. I want to build those features and create a platform that all Flash games can leverage.

AlwaysOn SaveGames is an important part of making Flash games into a platform because it makes the games truly location independent. Everything you need to play the game is now in the ‘cloud,’ and that is one advantage that no other platform can match yet.

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