Cloud Browse shares many gestures with MobileSafari.

  • Scroll the page by flicking your finger.
  • Navigate links and select textboxes by tapping with one finger. (This is a left mouse click at the tapped location)
  • Zoom in/out of the page by pinching with two fingers.
  • Bring up a magnifying glass to displaying what’s under your finger by holding down the finger without moving.

However, because you are controlling a full desktop version of Firefox, which is mouse driven, some gestures are different.

  • When the magnifying glass is displayed, finger movement will move the mouse instead of scrolling the page.
  • To perform a right mouse click at the current mouse location, tap with two fingers.
  • Double tapping won’t zoom as in MobileSafari, instead it is a double click.
  • Swipe three fingers right to go forward in browsing history and left to go backward.

There are five buttons in the bottom bar for quick access to common tasks.

  • Forward/Backward navigation buttons.
  • The icon brings up a text box for you to navigate to an URL easily.
  • To open up the keyboard, press the icon.
  • Pressing the icon to manage the current list of browser windows. You can open a new page, view an existing page or delete an existing page.
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