How does Cloud Browse work?

Cloud Browse exceeds the limitations of mobile iOS because it doesn’t host a scaled down web browser on the device itself.

Instead, Cloud Browse hosts a desktop Firefox browser session on remote servers and streams it to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The remote browser can access higher bandwidth, more memory, and faster processing than any mobile browser.

Worried about security? Because Cloud Browse runs the browser on a secure, remote server and not on your iPhone, there is no need to worry about websites grabbing your private information.

CloudBrowse Controls


CloudBrowse uses control gestures that are similar to MobileSafari.

  • Scroll the page by flicking your finger.
  • Tap with one finger to navigate links and select textboxes. (A left mouse click at the finger location)
  • Hold down one finger on screen to bring up a magnifying glass displaying what’s under your finger.
  • Two finger pinch is used to zoom the view.

However, because you are controlling a desktop version of Firefox, which uses a mouse, some gestures are a little different.

  • Two finger tap performs a right mouse click at the current mouse location.
  • When the magnifying glass is displayed, finger movement will move the mouse instead of scrolling the page.
  • Swipe three fingers right to go forward in browsing history and left to go backward.

There are five buttons in the bottom bar.

  • Forward/Backward navigation buttons.
  • The icon brings up a text box for you to navigate to an URL easily.
  • To open up the keyboard, press the icon.
  • Pressing the icon to manage the current list of browser windows.

Version History

  • v1.1.4 
    1. Added toolbar to keyboard for inputting arrow and tab keys.
    2. Added Settings Screen.
    3. Added description of gestures used to control Cloud Browse in Settings Screen.
    4. Added ability to link to an online profile. (Feature to be released soon!)
  • v1.1.3 
    1. Handle unicode keyboard input.
    2. Display reason if connection to service fails.
    3. Fixed crash when paste buffer is too large.
    4. Fixed random disconnection from service.
    5. Upgraded Firefox to 3.6.3
    6. Added plugin support for Silverlight 2.
  • v1.1.0 
    1. Submitted to the Apple App Store
    2. A release build instead of debug build
    3. Added activity indicator when connecting to Cloud Browse.
    4. Require a Signup code to register in app.
    5. Detect if service video stream is stalled and reconnect
    6. Upgraded Firefox to 3.6
  • v1.0.5 
    1. Added forward/backward navigation buttons.
    2. Swiping left/right using three fingers to go forward/backward
    3. Application will only run on Wifi and will detect Wifi changes.
    4. Upgraded Firefox on server to 3.5.7 and beginning to add profile support.
    5. Fixed crash issues with connection cutting out.
  • v1.0.4 
    1. Copy/Paste is now working, so text copied in Firefox can be pasted in other apps, and vice versa.
    2. Each browser window’s current view is remembered and doesn’t carry over from window to window.
    3. If a popup window appears, the view will be centered on it.
  • v1.0.3 
    1. Separate entering URL vs search terms.
    2. Audio will play even when screen is locked.
    3. Don’t interrupt ipod music unless a video or music plays in the browser.
    4. Register firefox:// and lastfm:// url schemes so it will open up the app automatically.
    5. Fixed a bunch of crash bugs and will reconnect to browser if connection is cut
  • v1.0.2 
    1. Speed up application connection time. The browser should be usable within 3-4 seconds instead of over 10.
    2. Changed mouse behavior by showing a zoomed view if you held down one finger. Then mouse will follow if you move the finger instead of scrolling the view.
    3. Backwards compatible with iPhone OS 2.2.1
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